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Continuum Consulting Australia Pty. Ltd. is focused on providing a high-quality service and ethical practice across Australia. Let us work with you to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people.

We work with statutory and non-government practitioners to provide professional and timely assessments, Contact facilitation, family group conferencing, consultations, supervision and training to benefit children and young people in the continuum of the child protection system.

Continuum Consulting work with the caseworker and families to get the best outcomes for children, providing an independent yet collaborative reports to aid in effective decision-making.  We use assessment frameworks based on a systems theory model, which is consistent with holistic models used by Family and Community Services.

Each of the staff at Continuum Consulting are part of a broader network of like-minded practitioners where we pride ourselves on ethical practice and continued learning.

Our pricing structure is very competitive within the current market. For Family and Community Services staff, we are listed as a Preferred Service Provider.

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“We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and quality service delivery for children in the child protection system. It is what they deserve, isn’t it?” – Danielle Draper



Continuum Consulting Australia provides quality, timely and child-centred assessments. Some of the types of assessments include:

– Foster care assessments

– Relative kinship carer assessments

– Carer and placement reviews

– Restoration viability assessments

– Parenting capacity assessments

– Guardianship assessments

– Adoption assessments and court reports

Continuum Consulting staff use assessment frameworks based on a systems theory model, which is consistent with holistic models used by Australian Government Departments and overseas models.

Continuum Consulting is a service involving a community of practitioners who have experience specifically within the child protection system. Our backgrounds include work within Family and Community Services, non-government organisations, the Children’s Court Clinic, the Office of the Children’s Guardian and the New South Wales Ombudsman. Our experience together provides a diverse yet strong knowledge base within the field and a supportive work environment.

Each of our staff and consultants are trained in social work or have multiple qualifications including psychology, child and adolescent welfare and counselling.

Quotes can be arranged through by providing a family name, suburb location of the assessment and the type of assessment required. Our administration will provide you with a referral form to complete whilst approval is being sought.

Facilitated Family Visits

Facilitated family visits provides the opportunity for children and their families to develop a relationship and maintain family ties, whilst monitored, to ensure ongoing safety for children. Facilitated contact provides the opportunity for children and families to leave contact with meaningful life story work being completed. Our experience and feedback suggests that when children engage in meaningful contact and facilitated play, their behaviour post contact is less challenging and easier on carers when children return.

Contact is facilitated by experienced workers who facilitate play, activities and connections between family members and children in age appropriate environments. Staff plan for contact sessions to ensure the children and their family get the maximum benefit from their time together. Our contact facilitators work with parents to help them develop skills that will lead to stronger relationships for the child.

Continuum Consulting has onsite contact rooms that are modern, well-resourced and age appropriate. Our organisation also provides staff with clean and well-maintained cars and appropriate child restraints to transport children safely to and from their contact.

At the beginning of each contact agreement, a contact facilitator profile, with a photograph, is provided to the referring agency to allow the carer and child to prepare in advance of their first contact session. This worker will remain consistent throughout the agreement period unless otherwise advised. Reports are provided to the contracting agency in a timely manner, written in a style that is presentable for the Court and to enhance casework decision making. Reports include photos that are taken during the session to maximise the opportunity for ongoing life story work.

Professional Practice Notes

Topic 1 – Timeliness at Facilitated Family Visits

Download Topic 1 Notes

Topic 2 – Making a Difference

Download Topic 2 Notes

Topic 3 – Physical Restraint of Children

Download Topic 3 Notes

Social Work Services

Placement Support Services

Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd provide out of home care placement support services to assist carers and their families to understand trauma, its impact and how to support children in the home using reparative strategies. This can include:

– Behaviour management planning and support.

– Psychoeducation for carers

– Reparative parenting strategies and coaching

– Using the ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Activity based youth support to give the child and the carers space from each other whilst working with the child to develop skills in building confidence and learning to communicate and regulate.

Therapy (Theraplay)

Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd use the ‘Theraplay’ model for providing therapy to children and young people. This model incorporates parents and carers to assist in building stronger relationships, stability and safety, supporting healthy development and growth.

Theraplay is framework for practice endorsed by leading practitioners and theorists in the field of developmental trauma and neuropsychology, such as Dan Hughes, Dan Siegal, Bessel Van der Kolk, Stephen Porges and Pat Ogden.

The framework is an evidence based, practical approach for helping children and their families or carers, which is active and playful and promotes the building of healthy attachments.

Therapeutic Groups

In 2018, Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd are looking to use the ‘Group Theraplay’ Framework for practice to run domestic violence groups for children and their non-offending. Watch this space for more information…

Training & Professional Development


Child protection training – Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd has a team of trained facilitators who provide both tailored packages and mandatory training in child protection for both Government and non-government organisations.

Trauma informed practice – The Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd facilitators develop and facilitate training for schools, child care and other organisations in trauma informed practice and how workers can learn to observe trauma behaviour and respond to this in a way that will assist in supporting children and their families, whilst creating behaviour change.

Parenting Programs

Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd has an accredited facilitator for the program ‘Bringing up Great Kids’. This program is a parenting course designed for parents or carers with children who have experienced trauma, it promotes regulation and co-regulation whilst providing a reflective space for parents and care-givers to reflect on how their own parenting experience impacts on the way they parent.

Professional Supervision – Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd has a team of practitioners that are trained in providing profession supervision under contemporary models and frameworks. Our supervisors meet the standards for the Australian Association of Social Workers with appropriate qualifications and insurances. Supervision can be delivered under an individual model or in groups/ teams.

Consultation Services

Continuum Consulting Australia offers a range of consultancy services in a timely manner whilst our team works diligently to analyse and improve case management systems. With years of industry experience, our staff are familiar and knowledgeable in child protection, standards, current legalisation and best practice.

a.    Consultation and Program Review – At Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on our professional expertise and knowledge. A key component of our work is our consultancy work. Through this, we endeavour to assist both Government and Non-government organisations to resolve or improve particular components of their core service delivery whilst acting as an educator, a catalyst for change, a resource and a facilitator.

b.    Policy writing – Continuum Consulting Australia is able to assist in the formation of new policies or review existing policies so they adhere to current legislation, industry standards or organisational frameworks and practice. Our expert policy writers are able to assist organisations to ensure their policies are concise, consistent and provide continuity. Policies written ensure for effective decision making and are accessible to all personnel which in turn reduce the potential for conflict or misunderstanding. Our policy writers are familiar with other states and territories child protection legislation and frameworks and are able to develop policies relevant to each state and territory.

Family Group Conferencing

Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd has trained family Group Conference Facilitators.

We are also able to offer Family Group Conferencing venues in both Wollongong and Penrith. The rooms are spacious and well resourced. There are break out rooms for families to gather, independent of the main meeting space.


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