Last week our Manager at Penrith, Deborah, headed off to Adelaide to attend some training with the Australian Childhood Foundation for the ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ package. Deborah returned to us with some fantastic resources and great ideas to implement the program in our work with carers, as well as being able to run the training locally.

In our work assessment work, we find that many potential carers, or families caring for relative children need some additional assistance with understanding behaviour related to trauma. The ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ package offers a range of choices and tools for helping parents and carers to support the children in their care.

Facilitated contact is also the ideal place to implement some of these parenting strategies and provide some modelling around behaviour management to help parents build better relationships with their children. Our Director, Danielle, and Therapeutic Support Leader, Nicole, were engaged today in a forum for Children’s Court Clinician’s where it was noted there is a significant gap in the sector and so much opportunity to use strategies to educate and develop relationships in contact. It was pleasing to be able to say that this is the focus of the contact that we run at Continuum Consulting Australia Pty Ltd.